Make the Complicated,


Members of the Log Cabin Bureau build the most beautiful log homes in the world.  Log home buyers attend classes, read books and magazines, and review thousands of floor plans and photos before deciding to build – the trouble is, buyers find themselves overwhelmed by information. There are dozens of websites and books describing the process of building a log home, but time and time again the information proved to be confusing or disorganized. Rather than getting frustrated and discouraged, we decided to make a plan.

The challenge was to build a brand and tools to make the process of building and buying a log home simple and elegant – the solution is the Log Cabin Bureau.

Log Cabin Bureau
Log Cabin Bureau
Log Cabin Bureau

Building & Branding an Industry Authority

A mobile-first approach

A Handcrafted

Log Home Buying


Simply put, log home owners are different. They value quality, craftsmanship, privacy, nature, and the unique comfort that walking into a log home offers day after day.  Join us as we work to bring an industry out of the woods.


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